Forest Woods condo – Things That Must Be Checked Before Buying

When you are about to buy a property in Singapore there are many things that you cannot overlook. They are as important as following the rules and regulations in Singapore while buying condo there. Whether it’s a luxury development like Forest woods condo or anyone else you must remember to do your research before you finally decide to choose a condo.

forest woods condo things that must be checked before buying

Know about the developers

Before investing in any condo it is necessary that you know well about the developers of the Condo. Many of them are developed by the best developers in the market, like in case of Forest woods, but it is not true for all. Hence, whichever condos you choose ensure that you have done research on the developers. If they have any previous projects and when have they completed the projects and other details.


It’s needless to mention that location of the property is of prime importance. However, most of the condos nowadays say that they are developing the condo in an area that will be developing soon. There are upcoming schools nearby, upcoming shopping complex and so on. Just do not rely on what the brochure of the condominium says. You find out if all these are true and once you are convinced make your decision to choose one.

Community facilities available in the condo

Life has become very fast and you cannot spend hours going out to a different place for fitness or getting recreated. Thus, keeping this in mind you must also look for the different facilities provided at the condominium. Like having a spa and health center is most common. What else do they offer for your kids? Are there playing grounds? Is there any arena for your pets? What about doing some Yoga? You can know about these facilities from the website of the condos or through their brochure.

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Lake Grande condo by MCL Land – Most Popular Housing Project in Singapore

If you want to buy a condo, then you might want to consider getting one at the Lake Grande condo by MCL Land. MCL Land is a reputed builder who has worked on several projects in Singapore and Malaysia. Singapore is a great place, you have great climate, awesome food, and the culture is something to envy. You can find people from most parts of the world calling Singapore home. Located near many dinning, shopping, and entertaining amenities, the Grande is your ideal spot. Some of the amenities include Jurong Point, JCude, Westgate, JEM, Ng Teng Fong General Hospital, IMM, Jurong East Swimming Complex, Jurong Community Hospital, and the Jurong Regional Library.

As you can see, there are ample places to shop as well as do your sightseeing. As a responsible parent you would be worried about the education of your child. No need to worry, there are quality educational centers like the Canadian International School located nearby. You have several options of buying homes depending on your capability. It is located close to two MRT stations which give you the ability to travel around easily. You can also travel to Malaysia. There are 1 bedroom to 5 bedroom house, dual-key units, and penthouse which are perfect for investment use. The towers give you a panoramic view of Jurong Lake, where you have water sports activities including kayaking and canoeing.

Jurong Lake District

The Jurong Lake District came into being during April 2008. It was announced by the Urban Redevelopment Authority that the Jurong Lake and the Jurong East would be transformed to Jurong Lake District or the CBD west. It is close to the Chinese Garden MRT Station and near to the existing Science Center. There is to be a new waterfront park and promenade next to Lakeside MRT Station. These are perfect reasons for you to reside and settle down in the Lake Grande.

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Your Dream Home at Stars of Kovan condo

An excellent example of getting mixed use out of a particular property is the Stars of Kovan condo. This new and upcoming project is a mix of both residential units and commercial shops. This new development project which occupies a land size of 108,686 square feet includes 395 residential units with 5 strata landed houses. The ground floor is the occupant of 45 commercial spaces ranging from retail shops and other F&B.

Enjoy the perfect location

The Stars of Kovan is located at the confluence of the Upper Serangoon Road and the Tampines road in district 19, Singapore. It is an excellent project, packed with the correct ambience and facilities. This new project will set a whole new definition to convenience and luxury. Situated in the most desired location, you will find yourself minutes away from food, transport, good schools and recreational spots. It is walking distance away from Kovan MRT station and just a stop away from the NEX Maga Mall and the Serangoon MRT Interchange. Thus, you can easily avail the train and go to work. Also going to the supermarket could not have been easier.

Do all your shopping with ease

Apart from the NEX Maga Mall, there are also a number of other shopping malls present. The other shopping amenities include the Heartland Mall and the Hougang Mall. The heartland mall consists of restaurants, a variety of retail shops and Cold storage, and it is just a minute walk away from the condominium. Thus, you don’t have to walk a mile or go to the city if you want to get your shopping done.

Enjoy a nice meal with friends and family

Being a resident of the Stars of Kovan condo, you will get to choose and dine at the popular diners situated close by. Thus, you can enjoy a nice meal with your family at the restaurants in Heartland Mall without going all the distance.

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Sturdee Residences – Thriving condo Project in Singapore

Singapore is a thriving island, which is being located near the equator and the Southern tip of Asia this city has a population of 5.5million. What makes it so great is that 90 percent of its citizens own their homes. There are still homes available in this magical metropolis in the newly launched condominium project, Sturdee Residences.

sturdee residences thriving condo project in singapore

Human Development Index

Singapore ranks number 11 on the global scale of the Human Development Index. This is based on three factors:

  • Education
  • Income Per Capita
  • Life Expectancy

A country scores higher on this scale, when education goes on for longer, the life expectancy at birth is longer, and the income per capita is higher. It is merely a potential for human success and development and isn’t the only factor. Living at the Sturdee Residences would however give you a better chance at being in an area of high success and a free market.

3 Core Principles

Singapore has 3 core principles to how it is run as a nation.

  • Meritocracy which means that the people running the city should be based upon who has the best ability to do it. The most talented, intelligent and qualified person should hold the positions of authority.
  • Multiculturalism is when 2 or more races or cultures combine with amalgamation. It is an acceptance and promotion of the idea of people of different ethnic backgrounds.
  • Secularism is separating church and state. In Sturdee Residences no matter what religion you practice, you will be accepted in the neighborhood. Political decisions are in no way influenced by any particular religion in Singapore. It truly is a place that everyone is welcome.

Living Here

Living here makes its residents happy, healthy and safe from religious persecution. Sturdee Residences condo is a future luxury project with spaces still available. From 1 bedroom small condos, to 5 bedroom top penthouses, there is a home for every income level.

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The Gem Residences condo providing complete family entertainment

The house is the basic necessity that every person does have. It is seen that the housing complex that is established in the recent days are provided with the every facility that an ideal house should have. The development of the Toa Payoh Gem Residences is a popular and huge condominium project that is being established in terms housing accommodations for the people of that region or from the people throughout the world.

the skies 39 condo providing complete family entertainment


Gem Residences condo is one of the better residential areas across the world with numbers of facilities that are needed for enjoying a luxurious and high profile life style. The people around the world are residing in this condominium area and the area is well equipped with the essential requirement that a person will look for a better life style. Gem Residences have provided the shelter to a number of people who are not the resident of that area. The people coming from other parts of the world are getting shelter because such condominium facilities. The facilities are provided to the people for the entire lifespan of that particular building.

Life Style

Introductions of such ideas have been quite often noticed. The reason for such life style is the demand for a better opportunity and when the people are getting the better opportunity which is far from their place they are opting such options because of the condominium facility which will give them the appropriate place for shelter. The creation of the housing facilities not only has the better housing facilities but also provides all the requirements that a family needs. Gem Residences is undoubtedly one of the best residential project in Singapore and it also possess the level that would have the best of these facilities that accommodate a number of lives in it.

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Some of the reasons as to why you should buy a condo at the Poiz residences!

Poiz residences are one of the most famous places for buying a condo. It is best that you buy only the best condo, the reason being that buying an average condo will leave you nothing but dissatisfied. There are a few thumb rules that you should keep in mind while buying a condo. Is rest assured that you are going to achieve a hundred percent satisfaction if you follow each and every one of them?

some of the reasons as to why you should buy a condo at the poiz residences

The location is the top priority

Other than price, this is the first priority that should pop up in your mind. Well, if the condo is not situated at a proper location then what is the use of having a condo? If the basic requirements and amenities are not met, then it’s best that you sell the present condo and look for a condo which is situated in a proper location. You should consider the Poiz residences of Singapore. This is an ideal condo. The reason that is residence area is situated at some of the most convenient location. The unique and stylish design makes this development stand out by a huge extent from other contemporary developments.

Transportation must be simple

The place must have high-quality transportation facility. This condo of Singapore is situated nearby Potong Paris MRT station. Hence, transportation becomes a piece of cake. Some of the most famous expressways are accessible from this place.

Contains all kind of entertainment and basic facilities

This is probably one of the very few condos where you will find an integrated shopping mall. This is good news for all the people who love to shop; shopping became very easy. Not just this, some of the most famous schools and colleges are also situated in its close proximity. Thus in a nutshell, considering the above facts and facilities, Poiz residences will not disappoint you.

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High Park Residences an answer to all concerned parents

We all want a best place for living for our family. A good and healthy ambiance attached with the surrounding is all what we need for our loved ones. If you are among those who are in the search for a best place, then there is only one trustworthy name in our book and that is High Park Residences.

high park residences an answer to all concerned parents

What are the facilities within the Project?

Lots of people are feeling drawn towards it since it is capable of providing lots of facilities for its residents. With great pain and effort this building is in its construction phase. You can book your apartment with a quick move. Within an affordable price you are going to get the best undoubtedly. Let us have a look at those things that make the building so special.

  • Security guard house
  • Swimming pool
  • Tennis court
  • Children Park
  • Gym
  • Yoga center
  • Shopping mall

Those above mentioned things were just a few of the many facilities you can find in High Park Residences.

Now let’s see surroundings. Three expressways, two bus terminals, numerous buses, two primary schools, one nearby high school, shopping malls, eateries, restaurants, club hubs, and many more choices for entertainment. High Park offers conveniences to its future residents.

The safest place for the kids to be at:

Most of the time what you think about the most is your kids’ security in a building. Sometimes you just have to leave your kids alone in the house. High Park Residences is a safe zone for your kids to be in even when they are left completely alone on their own. Some parents have already found it a good and healthy place for their kids to be at. If you are a concern parent and a concern loved one, this place is the one you are in constant search for.

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Sims urban oasis – Your dream home with a dream location

If you are saving up to invest in your home of dreams in the near future, opting for the all new Sims Urban Oasis condo might be the best decision that you’d ever make for your family. Estimated to be completed by the year 2018, this lavish condominium includes three towers which are said to be around nine hundred units at an approx. If you want to lay your hands on urban oasis, that screams luxury redefined in every way, you had better login to their official website online and register for it right away!

sims urban oasis your dream home with a dream location

Facilities for a posh lifestyle

Sims drive condo is being made with the view that anyone who lives there does not have to step outside the house for anything at all. The condominium comes with fully furnished gymnasium and swimming pool and tennis court for all those who are fitness freaks or sport lovers. Apart from that, you have your very own barbeque area plus club house, which is perfect in case you in the mood to entertain a fairly large group of guests at your house. Not to forget, there is also an additional function room and a guard house which can easily be converted into a store room or an outhouse as per convenience.

Location advantages

The condo is situated at District 14 Sims Drive, with the station of Aljunied walking distance from it. If you and your family are interested in a fun gateway for the day, the Paya Lebar Square will be just a few blocks away from your condo. With so many advantages when it comes to the location of the condo, it is bound to be worth every penny that you spend on it. It is the ultimate house everyone always fantasizes about and you have the chance to turn it into reality!

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All You Need To Know Before Owning Best Residential Unit

Leading a peaceful life in one of the NorthPark Residences Singapore is easily realized with the consideration of premium living standards exclusively. Perhaps, you get to come across several features on an additional basis without going through any complex scenarios as well. With the availability of one of the prestigious ventures as per your meager budget, you can unleash the fun of life reflecting the ultimate features in an exact manner you desire. Each residential unit offers you perfect living comfort without costing you anything extra as far as living, leasing and renting are considered.

all you need to know before owning best residential unit

Unique Constructional Brilliance Leaving You In Amazement

NorthPark residences Yishun are held in high esteem because of the consideration of top living features in a precise fashion. With posh residential locations that are laced with commercial elements such as shopping complexes and entertainment zones, you come across the ultimate flexibility that you expect to the core. Getting access to the perfect living amenities without costing you extra too is possible with the consideration of several other features such as beautiful garden and car parking due to which you come across optimum comfort in an exclusive fashion. Every apartment unit is designed with space usability in mind, as you can see from NorthPark residences floor plan.

Improve Your Standards Of Modern Living In Best Locales

Imagine the kind of comfort you experience with the residential units available closer to Yishun Central. Updating yourself with the ultimate living options in an exclusive manner too will prove to be most effective to you. Accessing the top accommodation facilities as per your latest needs is easily possible with the inclusion of custom features as far as NorthPark residences Yishun matter you the most. Perfect transport facilities too are offered due to the excellent road connectivity that you come across in an exclusive fashion. Checking out additional comfort within your confinement is easily possible with regular updates about the highly regarded localities provided to you exclusively.

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Centrium Square Finds Best Spot for Itself

Surrounded by a number of facilities and absolutely in the midst of busy roads and offices along Serangoon Road, stands Centrium Square, a project taken up by the Tong Eng group. With big glass windows, high ceilings and a magnificent outfit, it will be a comfortable and appropriate place for business works. For any commercial project one of the most important and vital points to be considered before its establishment is the right choice of location, such as the Little India freehold shops. This factor has huge effects on the project’s success.

centrium square finds best spot for itself

Important Official Places in the Vicinity

Serangoon Plaza couldn’t have been situated in a better place. Tong Eng group will be developing it as Centrium Square which will be upright amongst major offices and important hubs of the city.

Number of MRT Stations Around

The MRT system connects the entire city-state of Singapore. The location of this development is absolutely unparalleled owing to its closeness to Farrer Park MRT station. Apart from this, the Novena and Boon Keng MRT stations are also within easy reach of this upcoming venture.

Other Advantages of the Site

Singaporean neighbourhood – Little India is just a stone’s throw away from this address. The food section of the retail units is expected to be on high demand for Little India as well as all the people working around. Personal cars will be able to fly through Central Expressway which is just a short distance away. The crowd will be attracted from the nearby City Square Mall and Serangoon area also. Connexion will be advantageous for medical units. Apart from its apt location, this project will also provide fantastic infrastructural conditions for business. Car parking’s will also be available. Moreover, Centrium Square will provide an exceptionally suitable environment for business growth. Associated business groups are very likely to flourish here.

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